Day 4

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Logs
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[Disclaimer – I should explain that when I say “day”, it’s not really a day.  I mean, I won’t say “Day 428 – Did Nothing” or similar that might bore you to tears.  Instead, a “day” is any day I do work, and it’s not always 8 or 12 hours, it’s just however long it took.  So “Day 4” means the fourth day I actually did anything.  Heck, I might have gone fishing for a couple of days in between…]

Today I replaced the turn signal lever.  The previous owner had it, luckily, but I had to install it.  I was almost sure I’d have to pull the steering wheel to get to it and I honestly was about to do that when I noticed that they were smart enough to put a hole in the steering wheel for the express purpose of tightening the screw. 

I looked aorund for info on removing a horn button and of course I always read things like “Just pull on it with all your might” or “Pry it off with a screwdriver – it just comes right off”.  I need to be careful what I read on “The Internets”.  It turns out that my particular steering wheel doesn’t just “pull off” (with all my might), but actually has two screws in the back.  Once I removed those the button came right off and I could get to the hole for the screw.  The screw that was with the lever was already stripped out, so I found a similar sheet metal screw and used that.   It worked perfectly and I was happy to see that the signals worked except for the left front which is a bulb issue.

Here is the steering wheel with the horn button removed:

Here is the access hole for the turn signal lever screw:

Here is the “expanded” view of the steering wheel with the horn button so you can see the attachment screws:

And here is the completed task:

The horn is currently controlled with a dash button installed by one of the previous owners.  I will move this functionality to the steering wheel at some point, but first-things-first.


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