Day 6

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Logs
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(Sorry, no pics today, but if we keep waiting on me to get the pics out of the camera I’ll get too far behind)

I removed the steering wheel (okay, I’ll post pics later).  I tried to do it without a steering wheel puller.  I tried this for an hour, maybe an hour and a half.  I was using a bearing puller – which was close, but no cigar.  I ended up going to Autozone and using their tool-loan program, loaned myself a steering wheel puller and had it off in about 5 minutes.

The goal, of course, was to get to the signal switch and see what was wrong with it.  What a bunch of built in obsolescence.  A piece of plastic that pushes against several different copper springs.  I toyed with it a bit until nothing worked and then toyed more until it was all working.  Hooray – now I have signals that all work.

Next was to replace the steering wheel – no problem.  The horn doesn’t work right.  The previous owner added a button on the dash, and I’ll leave it like that for now.

Finally, I found some wiper blades that fit.  I tried a couple of auto places and returned to Advance Auto because they said the other night that if I bring in my wiper arm, they might have a fit, and they did.   I bought two wipers and I have to rebuild one of the arms because the metal clip broke (the previous owner used miracle putty I think to fix it).  As soon as I get that, I’ll have both wipers.  Next will be the headlight dimmer replacement and I’m going to try for an inspection by Thursday or Friday.

(wish me luck)


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