Day 7

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Logs
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Today I fixed rigged the passenger side wiper arm and then put both arms/wipers back on the truck.  I was missing that tiny tab at the end of the arm so I cobbled one from a piece of tin.  I’m not “thrilled” with it, but it appears to work and I don’t think it’s going to fly off of the truck anytime soon.

After that, I removed the bad headlight dimmer switch and headed back to Advance Auto to pick up a replacement – only about $8.50.  I was going to wait until tomorrow to put it in, but I had to close the garage anyway so I went ahead and put it in.  It works and even the dash high beam light came on.

I think this about does it for the inspection – I mean, as far as I can tell.  If they don’t count off for rust, I’m practically set.  Hopefully I can get it by there tomorrow and see what horrors await.


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