Day 11

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Logs
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Hi Everyone!  I’m still here.  Once the truck passed inspection, I just started driving it everyday and haven’t worked on it as much.  Maybe now that it’s getting cold, I can start parking it in the garage again and get back to business.

I finally replaced my CD player.  I know CD player sounds funny to some people – especially based on the age of the truck, and then again still some of you probably have one in yours.

The truck came with one, which was funny to me.  Probably not original equipment.  It never worked right.  The radio would work, but it would not play CD’s and the reception was all screwed up.

One day during lunch I went out to the garage and I knew I had an old CD player out of another car.   To my surprise, it was the same brand as the one in there so changing it was actually a snap.  I did it right during lunch.

First I removed the wiring harness from the back – it just unplugs.  Next, I loosened a bolt on the back and this released the radio.  I was able to lift a clip and slide it right out of the dash.

Dash area for Radio

I then slid the new one into position.

Radio part-way in

I reattached the wiring harness and antenna, then hooked the bracket back up and tightened the bolt.

All I had left was snapping it back in place.


Sounds great!  I’m glad I saved it.  It actually sat out in the garage for about 6 years so I’m glad it was still functioning.



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