Another Inspection

Posted: May 19, 2016 in Logs, Repairs

We are working through another inspection.  It wasn’t terrible this time:

  • Hole in driver side floor board

  • Left and Right front brake hoses – these are only a “job” because you have to remember that even though you have a 1965 truck, the brakes are off of a 1973 Chevy C10

  • Idler arm on the steering

I think that’s about it.  We’ll probably finish that up this week and take it up on Monday.

  1. jdhodo says:

    Hello from Dallas. Today I upgraded the Valvoline 40 to Valvoline V1 20-50 racing oil in my ’65 C20 Fleetside with ’68 307 V8. This truck has been a necessary work horse for me since 1982. Still has the 16.5 rims. When the 8 load range E tires give up it will be time to switch to 16′ rims. It will probably outlast me.

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