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New Distributor Cap and Rotor

Posted: January 19, 2014 in Information, TuneUP
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I swear I should post pictures.  Today we changed the distributor cap and rotor.  It was a quick maybe 30 minute job.  It actually took longer for the auto parts person to figure out what we had.  He thought he had it pegged but when we compared it, it was way off.  He cross checked the number to BWD P-Series parts.

The cap I have is a BWD P-Series part C198P  (I’ll put that on my parts page) and the rotor is also a BWD P-Series D157P.

I’d never changed it before since buying the truck and when idling, you can just about hear it missing at least one cylinder if not always, then most of the time.  The new one doesn’t seem to do that, so we may be good to go.  I think we changed the plugs about a year and a half ago.  I’ll add a tune-up page so I can keep track of that and I’ll add these to the parts page.